Harris Blondman is visual, communication, and studio. Founded by Harry Bloch and Joris Landman, our human scale company combines strong classic typography knowledge with high new media expertise. We design global solutions, identities, books, magazines, websites and apps, for local, national, and international clients.

Harris Blondman are Swiss and Dutch. We speak English, Dutch, French, German and 中文.


Bespoke design

Loving screen
Loving paper




  • Website for a photographer from Lausanne
  • Website for an artist from Slappeterp
  • Project about digital standards, language and emoji
  • Workshop at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
  • Website for an artist from Amsterdam


  • Website for Floris Schrama, a designer, musician and illustrator from The Hague, www.florisschrama.nl
  • Book “Searching for the Cold Spot” for Hanna Mattes, an artist from Berlin, http://ow.ly/UXgz30a7Wpi
  • Public information system for the city of Renens
  • Design partner of Speakup, an education app, with EPFL and UNIL, http://ow.ly/UwbC30a9air
  • Teaching at ECAL in Lausanne
  • Design research at LAPS, the artistic artistic lab of UvA, Sandberg Institute, and Rietveld Academy


  • Artist talk at Photography Museum Amsterdam/​Foam
  • Dear Friend, http://dearfriend.harrisblondman.nl
  • Lecture at EPFL in Lausanne
  • Guest teaching at ArtEZ in Arnhem
  • Lecture at the Knight's move, a lecture series by Stroom Den Haag, http://bit.ly/2fRuRfx
  • Website for Lonneke Van Der Palen, a photographer from Amsterdam, www.lonnekevanderpalen.com
  • Identity and website for Anouk Schneider, a photographer from Geneva, www.anoukanouk.com
  • Presentation at Probe Project, an online art space, in collaboration with Louisa Zahareas, http://bit.ly/2dNp6lK
  • Design partner in research project about online status, with EPFL, UNIL, ECAL, and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)
  • Movie graphics for Adidas, a sports shoes and clothing multinational from Germany
  • Website for Olivier Lamy, an graphic designer from Brussels, www.olivierlamy.com
  • Website for Hanna Mattes, an artist from Berlin, www.hannamattes.com
  • Lettering for an art and design studio in Amsterdam
  • Movie titles for Rens Christiaansen, a director from Amsterdam
  • Guest teaching at KABK in The Hague
  • Identity and website for a dentist from Amsterdam
  • Book “Innocent”, an artist monograph about Pedro Bakker, an artist and philosopher, for Onomatopee, a publisher in Eindhoven, in collaboration with Jacques Borel, http://ow.ly/4nt1Pl
  • Website for Odette Muijsers, an artist from Amsterdam, www.odettemuijsers.com
  • Panel discussion at What Design Can Do, a design conference in Amsterdam, http://ow.ly/PJYJ301IbQ3
  • Open letter on Archined, an architecture and design platform http://ow.ly/4B8Y300wBFa
  • Online platform for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international non-governmental humanitarian aid organization, in collaboration with École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Exhibition at X Bank, a design and art space and shop in Amsterdam
  • Identity and micro site for Intrigue Collection, an art and design consultancy from Amsterdam, www.intrigue-collection.com
  • Guest teaching at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
  • Lettering for an exhibition of Simon Wald-Lasowski for Weekender
  • Exhibition at Paris Design Week, at the invitation of Collective 1992
  • Interview on Hover States, a digital design website, www.hoverstat.es/interview/harris-blondman
  • Illustrated essay for the inaugural issue of MacGuffin, an international design magazine
  • Partner in an academic/private consortium for a new, augmented reality museum in Portugal
  • Identity and website for Blauw, an architecture agency from Utrecht, www.blauw-architecten.nl
  • Website for Isabel Ferrand, an artist from Zeist
  • Exhibition at D’Days Paris Design Festival, supported by Creative Industries Fund NL, www.ddays.net
  • Design project using artificial intelligence and supercomputers, in collaboration with Rodney Melchers, RGM Systems and VU University Amsterdam
  • Guest teaching at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam
  • Website for Anno Dijkstra, an artist from Amsterdam, www.annodijkstra.nl
  • Identity and print for Willemien Bakker-Davidse, an executive and career coach from Schettens
  • Contribution to the first issue of Parking Lot, an international art magazine, www.parking-lot.net
  • Exhibition at Istanbul Design Biennial 2014, at the invitation of the Consulate General of the Netherlands
  • Website for Christophe Ponceau, a designer and scenographer from Paris, www.christophe-ponceau.com
  • Identity and magazine for Trend Compass, a trend watching organization in Rotterdam
  • Logo for LCAV, the audio visual communications laboratory of the EPFL in Lausanne
  • Design for Graasp, an online productivity tool, in collaboration with EPFL, www.graasp.eu
  • Phone app Chachachat, about chatting, flirting, and language, www.chachach.at
  • Identity and album designs for Cirque Valentin, a band from Amsterdam, in collaboration with Simon Wald-Lasowski
  • Exhibition at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Buenos Aires
  • Exhibition at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires
  • Website for Adrien Rovero Studio, a design company from Lausanne, www.adrienrovero.com
  • Website for Régis Tosetti, an art director from Milan, www.registosetti.com
  • Website and photography for Irma Boom’s book “James Jennifer Georgina”, www.jamesjennifergeorgina.com

Lecturing & teaching:

  • ECAL (CH/2009–now)
  • EPFL (CH/2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
  • ArtEZ University of the Arts (NL/2017)
  • Gerrit Rietveld Academy (NL/2001, 2006, 2007, 2015, 2016, 2017)
  • Royal Academy of Art The Hague/​KABK (NL/2016)
  • The Knight's Move (NL/2016)
  • What Design Can Do/​WDCD (NL/2016)
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (NL/2007, 2008)


  • Probe Project (FR/2016)
  • X Bank (FR/2016)
  • Paris Design Week (FR/2015)
  • D’Days Paris Design Festival (FR/2015)
  • Salone del Mobile (IT/2015)
  • Istanbul Design Biennial (TR/2014)
  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (AR/2014)
  • ArtLigue (FR/2014)
  • DutchCulture (NL/2014)
  • Dutch Design Week (NL/2013)
  • Beijing Design Week (ZH/2013)
  • La Placette (CH/2013)
  • Amsterdam Museum (NL/2012)
  • The Wallace Collection (UK/2012)


We have worked for:

  • Adidas (DE)
  • Adrien Rovero Studio (CH)
  • After Hours Magazine (JP)
  • Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (NL)
  • Anno Dijkstra (NL)
  • Anouk Schneider (CH)
  • Architectural Association (UK)
  • Big-Game (CH)
  • Blackjack Éditions (CH)
  • Blauw Architecten (NL)
  • Bonhams (UK)
  • Chris Kabel (NL)
  • Christophe Ponceau (FR)
  • Centraal Museum Utrecht (NL)
  • Centre Patronal Vaudois (CH)
  • Cirque Valentin (NL)
  • Dutch Style Company (NL)
  • École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne/​ECAL (CH)
  • École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne/​EPFL (CH)
  • Éditions Dino Simonett (CH)
  • Éditions Gilles Attinger (CH)
  • Erasmus Publishing Ltd. (FR/UK)
  • Eternal Tour Festival (CH)
  • Fabric.ch (CH)
  • Felix Meritis (NL)
  • Floris Schrama (NL)
  • Galerie Alice Pauli (CH)
  • Graasp (CH)
  • Grand-Hornu Images (BE)
  • Hanna Mattes (DE)
  • Hans Brinker Budget Hotel (NL)
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam (NL)
  • Illusonic (CH)
  • Infoclio (CH)
  • Instituut Publiek & Politiek (IPP)
  • Intrigue Collection/​Eric Von Robertson (NL)
  • Isabel Ferrand (NL)
  • Johnny Loco (NL)
  • Julika Rudelius (NL)
  • Krijn Christiaansen & Cathelijne Montens (NL)
  • Kunsthaus Zürich (CH)
  • Labor et Fides Publishing (CH)
  • Laura Weeber Architect/​LWA (NL)
  • LCAV (CH)
  • Lonneke Van Der Palen (NL)
  • MacGuffin (NL)
  • Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (US)
  • Doctors Without Borders/​Médecins Sans Frontières/​MSF (CH)
  • Mister Motley (NL)
  • Moritz Schmid (CH)
  • Odette Muijsers (NL)
  • Noa Giniger (NL)
  • Olivier Lamy (BE)
  • Painted Series/​Saskia Van Drimmelen & Margreet Sweerts (NL)
  • Pedro Bakker (NL)
  • Perscentrum Wonen (NL)
  • PS Project Space (NL)
  • Reed Business (NL)
  • The Municipality of Renens (CH)
  • Régis Tosetti (IT)
  • Royal Institute of Dutch Architects (NL)
  • Royal Tropical Institute Tropenmuseum (NL)
  • Sajoscha Talirz (NL)
  • São Paulo Social Service of Commerce (BR)
  • Simon Wald-Lasowski (NL)
  • Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (NL)
  • Stichting Filippinos (NL)
  • Stichting Kunstboek (BE)
  • Stroom Den Haag (NL)
  • Studio Ramin Visch (NL)
  • Subbacultcha (NL)
  • Suze May Sho (NL)
  • Tettero Art Consultants/​Siebe Tettero (NL)
  • The Council for the Judiciary (NL)
  • The Wallace Collection (UK)
  • Trend Compass (NL)
  • University of Lausanne/​UNIL (CH)
  • Willemien Bakker-Davidse (NL)
  • Zeeuws Maritiem Museum (NL)